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What is the age cut-off date?

Spring & Summer tournaments are based off of the April 30 age determination date. All teams competing in our Fall tournament series must move up in age group and use the April 30 age determination date of the following year.

Is proof of age required?

Yes, for Spring Training, Week-Long, and Weekend tournaments we need to verify the age of every player prior to the beginning of the tournament. Teams must submit birth certificates to our office prior to the tournament. No player will be allowed to participate in the tournament until proof of age is presented.

Do the birth certificates need to be originals or copies?

Either is acceptable.

When will the tournament schedule be available?

The schedule will be posted on our website as soon as it is completed. For week-long tournaments, the schedule will be released approximately 5 days prior to the tournament. For weekend tournaments, the schedule will be released by close of business on the Wednesday prior to the weekend tournament. **Schedules are subject to change at any time - as determined by a Ripken tournament director

How many people are allowed in the dugout?

Each team is allowed to have an unlimited player roster; however, no more than 4 adults (3 coaches and 1 scorekeeper), and one "batboy". The "batboy" must be listed on the roster as such and wear a helmet when on the field. (Although the player roster is unlimited, the final roster must be submitted before the event and will remain as the final roster through the tournament)

Is there a dress code for the coaches?

Not specifically. Coaches are not required to wear a uniform/polo during the games, but are expected to be dressed appropriately.

Do we need to bring baseballs?

Game balls are provided by Ripken Baseball. Teams should bring their own practice balls.

What size bats are legal for our age group?
  • 9u - 13u age groups - All bats must have either the BPF 1.15 or BBCOR designation displayed on the bat. No other weight or size restrictions for these age groups. Coach Pitch bats not permitted in any age group.
  • 14u - 18u age groups - BBCOR designated bats with a -3 differential (length to weight) only.
  • Wood bats and composite bats are permitted in all of our tournaments for all age groups.

What rules will the tournaments go by?

All 9U teams will play on 46/60 diamonds, all 10U teams will play on 46/70 diamonds, all 11U & 12U teams will play on 50/70 diamonds, and all 13U and older will play on 60/90 diamonds. The tournaments will go by official Ripken rules. Please refer to the Rules Summary page included in your tournament welcome packet for further detail.

What happens if it rains?

Our first priority is the safety of everyone at the facility. If the fields are judged unsafe, we will suspend, postpone, reschedule, or cancel games as needed. There are numerous factors in deciding when games are allowed to continue and we weigh each of those before making a decision.

In the event of rain we will do everything within our power to stay as close to the game schedule as possible. However, because of limited field availability we may have to deviate from the printed schedule. If and when we need to alter the schedule, we will use the following procedures/priorities as our guide:

  • Our first priority will always be to make sure each teams plays its minimum number of games - we will try to maintain the original schedule as much as possible.
  • We will attempt to have a championship game.
  • We will never name a champion of a tournament without a championship game.
  • We may eliminate the quarter-final or semi-final round to ensure a championship game

Does the time limit apply if we are the last game of the day?

Yes. We must treat each game fairly. Early games may have ended due to the time limit so that later games could be played on time. It would be unfair to allow the last game of the day to play beyond the time limit if earlier games were restricted by time.

Are you affiliated with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball?

No. Cal Ripken Baseball is part of the Babe Ruth Baseball organization. Ripken Baseball is a separate entity and not affiliated with any specific organization.

How many fields are there at the complex?

The 9 turf fields at The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach, SC aren't your typical youth baseball fields. All field are constructed with a synthetic turf infield and outfield, used to ensure the consistency and playability of the fields and eliminate rainouts. No matter what weather, we play 99.99% of our games! Each field is equipped with lights for night games and features covered dugouts. The fields are each designed symmetrically after a legendary professional ballpark. The complex features a Training Island that has a Ripken designed infield training circle, 12 bullpen mounds, 18 batting cages, and bunting stations, which will be used for pre-game practices.

  • Play on state of the art fields that replicate historic professional ballparks: Crosley Field, Griffith Field, Navin Field, Duncan Field, Ebbets Field, Westside Grounds, Huntington Park, Shibe Park and The Polo Grounds

Are there lights on the fields?

Yes, each diamond is equipped with lights for night games.
Does The Ripken Experience Myrtle Beach have an online store?

Yes, click HERE to visit!

Is there an admission cost to the facility?

No, admission to The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach is free. Parking is also free.

Can we bring pets to the tournament?

No. For liability purposes we do not allow any pets inside the complex. Boarding kennels are conveniently located nearby.

Is smoking allowed at the facility?

No, The Ripken Experience is a tobacco free facility.

Is there transportation from the entrance to the fields?

Yes, carts will be provided to those who need assistance.

Is water provided to teams or do we have to bring our own coolers?

Water and cups will be provided for each team in their dugout.

Where can my team warm up prior to our game?

The complex features a Training Island that has 2 Ripken-designed infield training circles, 12 bullpen mounds, 17 batting cages, and 2 bunting stations, which will be used for pre-game practices.

Will each field have a scoreboard?

Yes, each field will be equipped with a scoreboard.

Are tournament t-shirts and other Ripken Experience and Ripken Baseball merchandise available at the tournaments?

Yes. Our main pro shop is located inside the Welcome Center right next to main entrance of The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach, SC. Renovated in 2012, this store will certainly have what you're looking for from tournament novelty items to select baseball equipment.

Will there be concessions available?

Yes. The Big League Grill is our featured air conditioned dining facility that offers teams a variety of menu options. There are also 2 other satellite concessions stands around the complex for your convenience.

Is there first aid or medical staff at the facility?

Yes, a full service first aid facility will be on-site to handle any emergency situations or routine medical needs.

Are there restaurants near the complex?

There are several dining options near The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach, SC including fast food and sit-down style restaurants at the Broadway at the Beach shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

What age groups do you have?

The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach has tournaments for team's ages 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u-16u, and 17u-18u. Please visit the event calendar for more details.

Do teams bring their own uniforms?

Yes, teams should bring their own uniforms. Many teams have professional style uniforms that represent their hometown and/or their specific team. We encourage teams to bring these and proudly wear them at The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach, SC tournaments.

How many coaches are allowed?

Teams must have two (2) coaches. Only the paid coaches are allowed on the field and dugout. Only the paid coaches are allowed on the field and dugout.

How many teams will there be in each age group?

Older age group summer tournaments (13u-16u) can accommodate 32 teams per week, while the younger age groups can accommodate up to 36 to 40 teams per week.

How many games do we play?

For all summer tournaments each team will play a minimum of 6 games (weather permitting). Teams who advance to the championship will play 9 games.

Teams will play a minimum of 3 games during standard weekend tournaments and 4 games during holiday weekend tournaments.

How many games will we play per day?

Teams will play at least one game a day, some days playing two.

  • Summer Weeklong Tournaments: Younger Age Group Teams (9u-12u): 5 scheduled pool play games Monday through Wednesday. Elimination games begin on Thursday. Teams may play up to one game at a high quality off-site field located in Myrtle Beach
  • Summer Weeklong Tournaments: Older Age Group Teams (13u-18u): Teams will play up to one pool play games at off-site, high quality satellite complexes. Past satellite facilities include: Field - home of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans; Coastal Carolina University; Socastee High School, Carolina Forest High School and Myrtle Beach High School.

Is there a skills competition?

Yes. Participants enjoy an unforgettable Opening Ceremony and Skills Competition, following check-in on Sunday evening. A detailed copy of the Sunday schedule of events will be made available 1 week prior to your teams arrival to Myrtle Beach.

Does our team need its own insurance?

Yes. Each team must send us their Insurance Certificate prior to the tournament. We must have "Extra Bases, LLC", "Burroughs and Chapin Company, Inc.", and "Ripken Myrtle Beach Academy, LLC" listed as an 'additional insured' in the certificate holder section of the standard certificate of liability form. This can be obtained by simply calling your insurance company and asking them to list that on the certificate. Please note: we are not requesting to be added as a 'named insured' on your policy.

How will I know which seed my team is for the elimination round?

All information regarding results, standings, and seeding will be disseminated at a central location. There will be extra copies there for coaches to take with them.

What happens if there is a tie?

Games can end in a tie during pool (divisional) play only. If a tie exists between two or more teams either for advancement to the elimination round or for seeding purposes, the following tie-breaker system will be used:

  • Head to Head results
  • Record
  • Average runs allowed per games played
  • Lowest single game runs allowed
  • Coin flip

A game featuring teams that are the same seed from different divisions will us a coin flip to determine home team.

Please note that total runs scored has no value in our tie breaker system. This is done to discourage teams from running up the score on their opponent.

When will the game results be posted?

We will post standings and results on the tournament board and online soon after each game ends. All of the tournament information (including a line score for each game) will be posted on our tournament website throughout the tournament.

What is there to do for fun in the area?

The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach, SC gives players, coaches and families a unique opportunity to enjoy tournament baseball while visiting a top vacation destination. Now families can enjoy baseball and summer vacation all at the same time; with the beach only two miles away, and so many entertainment options available, there is always something fun to do in Myrtle Beach!

There are numerous options within easy driving distance of the hotels and our complex. Visit our travel and accommodations page on the website for a full list of our partner restaurants, hotels and attractions. Go to Travel & Accommodations Page

Please feel free to check out property details, rates and availability by visiting

How far is the baseball complex from the beach?

The Ripken Experience is less than 1 mile from the beach.

Where should my team stay?

The Ripken Experience Myrtle Beach has partnered with the largest network of oceanfront and condo style housing accommodations in the area. Through our website teams can choose their housing option that is the best fit for their team.

There are discounts available for both summer and week-long tournament teams by booking your rooms at or calling Maggie Sarrio at (843) 213-2699 or email

We highly recommend staying at one of our partner hotels as each has a high quality and cleanliness standard

What do I need to do to secure a spot in a tournament?

You need to call the toll free number at 888.RIPKEN.1 (888.745.7361) and speak to a sales representative or log onto and identify the week you and your team wish to attend, then place a deposit and complete the registration information.

What is the deposit required to secure a spot in a tournament?

All teams who wish to attend a weeklong summer tournament are required to submit a non-refundable / non-transferable deposit of $1,500 upon registration. A 2nd installment of $2,000 is due December 2nd, 3rd payment installment is of $1,500 is due on February 3rd, and full payment is due May 1st. All monies are non-refundable and/or non-transferrable.

All teams who wish to attend a weekend or holiday weekend tournament are required to submit a $250 non-refundable / non-transferable deposit upon registration. Final payments for these tournaments are due 30 days prior to the start date of the event.

What are the payment options? When are payments due?

The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and checks or money orders.

For summer week-long tournaments a $1,500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. A 2nd installment of $2,000 is due on December 2nd and the 3rd payment installment of $1,500 is due on February 3rd. The final balance on the account is due May 1st. All monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Final payments for weekend tournaments are due 30 days prior to the start date of that event.

Is the cost per player or per team?

All weeklong summer tournaments are a per player and coach fee.

All weekend tournaments are a per team cost.

Do coaches have to pay?

Yes, each team must have a minimum of 2 coaches who pay the per person amount. They receive all of the benefits of the package and will enjoy a wonderful vacation.

What does the cost include?

All weeklong summer tournament per player and coach costs include:

  • Teams play a minimum of 6 games with an opportunity to play up to 9 games
  • ALL-ACCESS PASS for each team member! All Access Pass for each team member - unlimited access to area attractions which in the past have included mini golf, Wild Water and Wheels water park which includes mini-golf, bumper boats and go-karts, The Palace Theatre, Legends in Concert, Myrtle Beach Pelicans, par 3 golf , and Executive Golf package for each coach, AND MORE!
  • Special gifts for players and coaches
  • Check-in, opening ceremonies, and skills competitions on Sunday
  • 2 separate single elimination brackets starting on Thursday morning - Championship Bracket and Great 8 Bracket

Weekend tournament costs include tournament fees, gate & parking fees, baseballs and umpires.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All deposits and subsequent payments for all tournaments are non-refundable / non-transferable. Any roster changes made after May 1st are non-refundable as well.

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