The Ripken Experience
Aberdeen, MD


What is the age cut-off date?

Spring & Summer tournaments are based off of the April 30 age determination date. All teams competing in our Fall tournament series must move up in age group and use the April 30 age determination date of the following year.

Is proof of age required?

Yes, for Spring Training and Weekend tournaments we need to have access to age verification. Teams must have proof of age on hand at all times during an Aberdeen tournament. No player will be allowed to participate in the tournament if proof is not available.

Do the birth certificates need to be originals or copies?

Either is acceptable.

When will the tournament schedule be available?

The schedule will be posted on our website when it is complete, (approximately 3-5 days prior to the tournament). Each schedule is subject to change, so check back often to make sure you have the most up-to-date information. You can find the schedule under the 'Results & Standings' section of the tournament in question online.

How many people are allowed in the dugout?

Each team is allowed to have an unlimited player roster; however, no more than 4 adults (3 coaches and 1 scorekeeper), and one "batboy." The "batboy" must be listed on the roster as such and wear a helmet when on the field. (Although the player roster is unlimited, the final roster must be submitted before the event and will remain as the final roster through the tournament)

Is there a dress code for the coaches?

Not specifically. Coaches are not required to wear a uniform/polo during the games, but are expected to be dressed appropriately.

Do we need to bring baseballs?

Game balls are provided by Ripken Baseball. Teams should bring their own practice balls.

What size bats are legal for our age group?
  • 9u/10u age groups - 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter with no weight restrictions - Must have either the BPF 1.15 or BBCOR designation displayed on the bat
  • 11u/12u age groups - 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter with no weight restrictions - Must have either the BPF 1.15 or BBCOR designation displayed on the bat
  • 13u age group - 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter with no weight restrictions - Must have either the BPF 1.15 or BBCOR designation displayed on the bat
  • 14u and older age groups - No 2 3/4 inches in diameter allowed; use BBCOR rules with a -3 weight differential

What rules will the tournaments go by?

All 9u and 10u teams will play on 46/60 diamonds, all 11u and 12u teams will play on 50/70 diamonds, and all teams 13u and older will play on 60/90 diamonds. Both will play by standard American League Rules. Please see the rules summary sheet for more specific information.

What happens if it rains?

Our first priority is the safety of everyone at the facility. If the fields are judged unsafe, we will suspend, postpone, reschedule, or cancel games as needed. There are numerous factors in deciding when games are allowed to continue and we weigh each of those before making a decision.

In the event of rain we will do everything within our power to stay as close to the game schedule as possible. However, because of limited field availability we may have to deviate from the printed schedule. If and when we need to alter the schedule, we will use the following procedures/priorities as our guide:

  • Our first priority will always be to make sure each teams plays its minimum number of games - we will try to maintain the original schedule as much as possible.
  • We will attempt to have a championship game.
  • We will never name a champion of a tournament without a championship game.
  • We may eliminate the quarter-final or semi-final round to ensure a championship game

Does the time limit apply if we are the last game of the day?

Yes. We must treat each game fairly. Early games may have ended due to the time limit so that later games could be played on time. It would be unfair to allow the last game of the day to play beyond the time limit if earlier games were restricted by time.

Are you affiliated with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball?

No. Cal Ripken Baseball is part of the Babe Ruth Baseball organization. Ripken Baseball is a separate entity and not affiliated with any specific organization.

What is the maximum number of players we can have on a roster?

The player roster will be unlimited with 3 coaches and 1 score keeper on the roster.

How many umpires are there for each game?

All age groups will have two umpires for every game (the 8u division will only have one umpire).

When will the game results be posted?

We will post standings and results on the tournament board soon after each game ends. All of the tournament information (including a line score for each game) will be posted on the tournament website the day after each tournament ends.

Does Ripken Baseball keep individual stats for tournaments?

No, Ripken Baseball will not keep individual stats for any tournament.

What happens if there is a tie?

Pool play games can end in a tie. A tie game in pool play equals 1/2 of a win and 1/2 of a loss for both teams toward their overall record and/or winning percentage. Therefore, a team that is 2-0-1 would have a winning percentage of .833 and a team that is 2-1-0 would have a winning percentage of .667. In other words, the 2-0-1 record is better than the 2-1-0 record.

Games can end in a tie during pool (divisional) play only. Please see our Tournament Rules and Information packet for the Tie Breaker system that will be used if a tie exists between two or more teams either for advancement to the elimination round or for seeding purposes.

A game featuring teams that are the same seed from different divisions will use a coin flip to determine home team.

Please note that total runs scored has no value in our tie breaker system. This is done to discourage teams from running up the score on their opponent.

How will I know which seed my team is for the elimination round?

All information regarding results, standings, and seeding will be centrally located on the tournament board at The Ripken Experience - Aberdeen, MD. There will be extra copies there for coaches to take with them.

Are there pitching limits for the tournament?

Ripken Baseball does not have specific pitching limitations at our tournaments. We do, however, provide recommendations for coaches and parents to follow not only for your time at our tournament, but for your entire season. The responsibility ultimately lies with coaches and parents to ensure that each player's health and development is maintained properly. One rule that we do employ at our tournaments is as follows: Once a pitcher leaves the mound, he cannot return to pitch in that game. For further recommendations on pitching limitations, we have compiled an information sheet to help educate those who monitor the players which is available at The Ripken Experience and in our rules.

Are all of the dugouts covered?

No. All of the fields at The Ripken Experience feature covered dugouts, but not all off-site fields feature covered dugouts. Teams may bring portable tents to cover the open dugouts if they wish.

Do we need to bring water for the dugouts?

No. Ripken Baseball will provide ice water and cups in each dugout for all of the tournaments.

Are tournament t-shirts and other Ripken Baseball merchandise available at the tournaments?

Yes. We will have merchandise set up at The Ripken Experience throughout the tournament. The merchandise stand will open up 1 hour after the start of games on each individual day, and will close at 3:00pm.

Will there be concessions available?

Yes. We will have a concessions stand at The Ripken Experience each day that a tournaments is ran. The concessions stand will open up at the start of the first game of the day and will stay open till around 4:00pm each day of the tournament. The concession stands in Ripken Stadium will not be open for our tournaments. Generally speaking, the satellite facilities will not have concessions.

Are players and their families allowed to bring food and coolers to the complex?

Yes. Although we do ask that everyone make sure their trash is disposed of properly.

Are there restaurants near the complex?

There are several dining options near The Ripken Experience and other satellite fields including fast food and sit-down style restaurants. Ripken Baseball has partnered with several local restaurants that will provide discounts to all tournament teams and their families. Please make sure to pick up a Ripken Baseball Community Card to receive these discounts.​

What is there to do for fun in the area?

There are numerous options within easy driving distance of the hotels and our complex. First of all, we are approximately 25 miles away from Baltimore, which offers a wide variety of familiy entertainment options. Also, the White Marsh area features many dining, shopping, and entertainment options. More locally, there is a movie theatre, two different miniature golf/batting cage facilities, and a shopping mall.

What is the admission to the facility?

Admission at The Ripken Experience, Ripken Stadium, and all satellite field locations is free for all of our tournaments.

Is there a place to sit at The Ripken Experience for parents and fans?

Each field at The Ripken Experience features grass berm seating. There are some bleachers and picnic tables around the Academy, but we do recommend teams bring portable chairs or blankets to sit on.

Is there handicap accessible parking?

Yes. At our facility and all other satellite facilities, there is plenty of handicap accessible parking.

Can we bring pets to the tournament?

No. We unfortunately had a few incidents with pets at our facility which has forced us to adopt our current policy.

What is the Payment Structure for Two or Three Day and Week-Long Tournaments?

For two or three day events, teams must submit a $300 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit upon registration to secure their spot in the tournament.No later than 45 days prior to the start of the event date, teams must submit their final payment.

For week-long tournaments, teams will submit a $1,000 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit upon registration. The remaining balance will be paid according to the payment structure below.

  • October 1st: $1,000
  • December 1st: $1,500
  • February 1st: $1,500
  • May 1st: Remaining Balance

*Any team cancellation will result in the loss of all money paid.

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